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What should I expect when I come to Sunday Worship?

First and foremost, ALL ARE WELCOME!  Sunday service begins at 10 am, but individuals are welcome to arrive early to enjoy gathering music and fellowship.  Dress varies according to the desires of the individuals, but generally tends to be casual.


Do I need to be familiar with the church to be able to follow the order of service?

No, the entire service is printed in a bulletin which the ushers will give to you as you enter to worship.

What do children do during worship?

Children of all ages are welcome in worship.  Children are also invited to attend Sunday school, following the children's message.

Will I be asked to do anything?

We'd rather give you room to volunteer, or not.  All are welcomed at the beginning of the worship service and invited to coffee or lemonade after the service as a way for you to get to know some of the people of First Congregational Church.

Am I expected to give money during the offering?

Not if you don't choose to.  You are invited to complete a Welcome Card and sign our guest book to help us get to know you.

Can I participate in First Congregational's programs or ministries?

Absolutely.  We encourage you to explore your faith, get to know us, and serve your neighbor in any of our programs, activities, or ministries, whether you are formally a member or not.

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