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We are a Christian church.

We continue to witness to the reality and power of the life, crucifixion and resurrection of Christ Jesus.  We are part of the tradition of the Protestant Reformers.  We organize ourselves by democratically run local churches, which covenant with one another to form larger structures.  We proclaim the good news of the gospel through word and through deed.


We recognize our calling, as individuals and as the church, to live in the world, ministering to its needs, contributing to the welfare of all, being enriched by our best human culture, and faithfully seeking justice and liberation for all.

That they may all be one -


We are a uniting church as well as a united church.



Justification by faith –


God’s love is unconditional.  Yet God’s love conditions us to better care for one another and the rest of creation.

There is yet more light and truth to break forth from God's Holy Word --



We affirm the primacy of the Bible as our foundational source. We recognize the specific historical context of the Bible, and believe that, because God is still speaking, we value past interpretations, but pursue never-ending revelation, and a newly refined understanding.

Responsible Freedom -


We are free to believe and act in accordance with our perception of God’s will for our lives.  But we are called to live in a loving covenantal relationship with one another, and support our communities of faith.

In essentials unity, in nonessen- tials diversity, in all things charity


We believe unity does not require uncritical acceptance of any point of view or rigid doctrine.  We like questions.  We believe unity requires agreement on the essentials of Christian faith and life, and loving covenant with each other.  The unity of the church is not of its own making.  It is a gift of God.  It may be expressed with wild diversity; the common thread binding all is love.

Testimonies of faith rather than tests of faith -


We do not require a formulaic creed, although we value the testimony of many historic creeds.  The statement alongside is one we use widely for a common affirmation.

The priesthood of all believers -


All are called to minister to each other.  All participate as equals in the worship of God, with direct access to the Holy Spirit through personal prayer and devotion.  We recognize those who have received special training in pastoral counseling, but we regard them as ministers – servants – rather than as authority.  They enable us to minster; they do not do the work of ministry for us.

Statement of Faith


We believe in you, O God, Eternal Spirit,
God of our Savior Jesus Christ and our God,
     and to your deeds we testify:

You call the worlds into being,
     create persons in your own image,
     and set before each one the ways of life and death.

You seek in holy love to save all people from aimlessness and sin.

You judge people and nations by your righteous will
     declared through prophets and apostles.

In Jesus Christ, the man of Nazareth, our crucified and risen Savior,
     you have come to us
     and shared our common lot,
     conquering sin and death
     and reconciling the world to yourself.

You bestow upon us your Holy Spirit,
     creating and renewing the church of Jesus Christ,
     binding in covenant faithful people of all ages, tongues, and races.

You call us into your church
     to accept the cost and joy of discipleship,
     to be your servants in the service of others,
     to proclaim the gospel to all the world
     and resist the powers of evil,
     to share in Christ's baptism and eat at his table,
     to join him in his passion and victory.

You promise to all who trust you
     forgiveness of sins and fullness of grace,
     courage in the struggle for justice and peace,
     your presence in trial and rejoicing,
     and eternal life in your realm which has no end.

Blessing and honor, glory and power be unto you.


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